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There is more to enjoying wine  aand spirits than just opening and pouring.  With most wines, a third step is essential for maximum flavour and enjoyment.  The act of aerating wine is a process of softening harsh tannins and opening up the flavours by adding oxygen.

Though Whiskeys don't need to breathe, they are more beautifully presented when served from a decanter. Decanters specifically made for whiskey, cognac and other spirits always include a stopper since it not often that we celebrate with enough people to consume an entire bottle in one evening.

 A decanter is one method of aerating wine; a vessel designed to increase the surface of wine over a larger area, allowing it to breathe, and expose a greater bouquet, and a fuller range of flavours.  

Stainless and pewter funnels are options for express aeration, and aerators utilizing the newest technology available can be found here to aerate your wine virtually instantly.

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LSA Whiskey Decanter

LSA Handmade whiskey Decanter   Product Details...


LSA Whiskey Decanter Set Bar

LSA Handmade whiskey Decanter Setincludes 4 double old fashion glasses and decanter with stopper. Non lead crystal.  Product Details...


LSA Whiskey Decanter Set Disc

SALE Reg price $398 - LSA Handmade whiskey Decanter Set includes wood carrier, two matching decanters with stoppers. Non lead crystal.While supplies last $298 per Set.  Product Details...


LSA Whiskey Decanter Set Lotta

LSA Handmade whiskey Decanter Set including wood base, 4 glasses and decanter with stopper. Non lead crystal.  Product Details...


Magic Aerator/Decanter Red Wines

The results are a better bouquet, enhanced flavour, and a smoother finish. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. Couldn't be easier. Included in the beautiful gift box is a no-drip stand, sediment filter and a travel pouch. Acrylic.  Product Details...


Magic Deluxe Decanter/Aerator

The Red Wine Tower cradles the included Magic aerator and creates a dramatic presentation. Accents any table, or home bar. Innovative two piece design is easy to store and clean. Includes sediment screen.  Product Details...


Marquis Whiskey Decanter

Spirit Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Black Tie Smile Wine Decanter

Riedel Black Tie Smile Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Cornetto Single Wine Decanter

Riedel Cornetto Single Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Dragon Decanter Red and Black

There be Dragons! Riedel Twenty Twelve Red/Black Designed for the Year of the Dragon A Decanter with black and red stripes.  Product Details...


Riedel Escargot Wine Decanter

Riedel Escargot Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Horn Decanter

Riedel French Horn is the first "playable" decanter ever made.   Product Details...


Riedel Mamba Wine Decanter

Riedel Mamba Wine Decanter is formed in the shape of a snake. Horizontally blown, it is not as tall as Eve but is just as stunning.   Product Details...


Riedel Martini O Pitcher

Riedel Martini O Pitcher This product has been discontinued by Riedel, but we stocked up and still have a few of this useful decanter.  Product Details...


Riedel Merlot Wine Decanter

Riedel Merlot Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel O Wine Decanter

Riedel O Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter

Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter  Product Details...


Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter

Riedel Ultra Wine Decanter - A classic! Hand made in Austria.  Product Details...


Royal Selangor Bacchus Funnel

Bacchus was the Roman god of wine and revelry. His face is sculpted on the funnel, crowned with clusters of grapes and his beard tapers down the top. When wine is poured into the funnel, the wine appears to be blown out by Bacchus to the wall of the dec  Product Details...


Royal Selangor Decanter Five Piece Set

Royal Selangor five piece decanter set including decanter/stopper and four unique pewter rimmed tumblers. Hand Finished.  Product Details...

You Save: $100.00

Tandem Whiskey Decanter Set

Tandem Whiskey Decanter Set with two whiskey glasses. Beautiful as is, or customize with his initials for a truly unique gift.SALE  Product Details...

You Save: $21.00

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